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Transformers Blind Boxed Figure Wave 3 Action Vinyls


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Produkt er 1 stk u†pnet blind box som inneholder en vilk†rlig figur!

Already a collector of Transformers Action Vinyls? Wave 3 is bigger and better than ever! With sizes ranging from 3.25″ – 3.5″ tall and new features, wave 3 figures are definitely not to be missed! With the same 9 point movement, locked ball joints, chest and back pieces and interchangeable accessories, customising possibilities are endless. The Transformers Action Vinyls – The Loyal Subjects Wave 3 now even include sounds and LED’s! The Wheel jack figures ears light up, the Rumble figures pistons shoot in and out and he has a super cool shake feature! Also, Scrapper has a sound chip which includes the famous Transformers theme song.

Transformers The Loyal Subjects Wave 3
Action Vinyl Figures
Character Figures
Includes Figure, Accessories, Collector Card
9 point joint-ball articulation
Characters have different key actions
Include Sounds and L.E.D’s
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The Loyal Subjects