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The acclaimed solo roll-and-write campaign game of exploring the ocean’s depths in a bathysphere held together by glue, twine, and hope returns in an all-new edition with premium components and new gameplay twists! Over a 20-scenario campaign, you’ll find ways to dive deeper and deeper, while unlocking new abilities, upgrading your bathysphere, and completing minigames that carry over from scenario to scenario. You’ll roll a set of dice, and select one, moving that many spaces lower on one of the game’s giant 11″x17″ maps. Each scenario uses a section of one of the three maps, expanding and growing in complexity as you go, with some shocking surprises in later scenarios that will have you looking at the maps in a whole new way! Once you travel deep enough to accomplish your objectives, you’ll try to make it back to the surface, but you’ll need a good strategy, clever decision making, and a little bit of luck to get there safely!

You’ll also contend with the game’s hilarious and dark sense of humor, always ready with a joke when your key systems fail, or unlucky divers get stranded. It’s the perfect campaign experience for solo players, with easy setup, gradually increasing difficulty, an entertaining story, and challenges that will have you coming back for more!

DIVE! Roll dice and experience 20 scenarios of depth and danger!

EXPLORE! Find marine life, rescue divers, gather gizmos!

SURVIVE! Keep your bathysphere patched up to make it back to the surface!


– 3 11″x17″ folded map boards
– 8 dice
– Screen printed Bathysphere meeple
– Dry-Erase Marker
– Mini-game pad
– Scenario book

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