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Magic the Gathering – Iconic Masters 15-Card Booster Pack


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Booster Iconic Masters.

The most iconic cards from Magic: the Gathering come together in Iconic Masters! This exciting set contains some of the most iconic and sought after cards in the entire history of Magic: the Gathering. More than 20 cards are even released with new artwork! Iconic Masters has been specially developed for a very special booster draft experience. After the draft, the cards a great extension for your Modern, Legacy, Vintage and Commanders decks!

Iconic Masters is completely composed of reprints of special old cards! The set contains 249 cards which 15 mythic rares, 53 rares, 80 uncommons and 101 commons. The set is printed in a very limited edition.

A booster Iconic Masters contains 15 Magic: the Gathering cards which 1 rare or 1 mythic rare, 3 uncommons and 10 commons. At the place where you would normally find a basic land, you’ll find a foil in every Iconic Masters booster!

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