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Legends of Dragonore The Beginning Build-A Action Figure Onitor


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Legends of Dragonore is a new and exciting line of 5.5″ action figures designed to look like those found in the toy isles and toy chests of the 1980s. When action figures were simpler… yet full of creativity and fun!

The first wave is entitled The Beginning and will include six figures. Each of the first 6 figures in the line also comes with one or more pieces of our first Divine Armor of Power figure. By collecting the entire wave, customers will be able to put together this special figure not available separately. The Divine Armor of Power figure is completely compatible with the other figures’ joints.

Figures come packaged in retro full-color blister cards.

Onitor – merciless hunter of darkazia

Homeworld: Unknown

Special Abilities: Wide vision, near-limitless stamina

Weapons of choice: Morning Star

Story: Within the region of Darkazia, the desolated lands of Anterra see little sunlight, the skies obscured by powerful dust storms. Within this treacherous land a castle is hidden; an ancient fortress within which many secrets lie. But crossing the desolation in order to reach the ruins is a deadly feat, for the land is fraught with peril. It is common knowledge that those who have attempted the journey have never returned, rumored to have succumbed to a terrible, implacable demon! A being so powerful and devious that many believe it is utterly unstoppable. Once this creature has selected his target, nothing will prevent him from hunting and defeating his opponent.

Onitor comes with the left leg of the Divine Armor of Power Action Figure.


The Legends of Dragonore


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