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Isle Of Pan


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The Isle of Pan is a game of tile and resource placement with very simple rules that offers several strategies and depth.

You are playing the role of explorers who discovered this lush island, with its fantastic fauna and its abundant flora. The more you progress in the game, the more you discover the island’s secrets, its lakes, mountains, and deserts. Your objective is to discover which animals live here and, who knows, you might even encounter fantastic beasts!

Each turn, you will reveal a bit more of the island and its surprises. Thanks to your explorer, the more animals you observe, the more points you will earn. But these animals are not alone, fantastic beasts appear under the right conditions. Will you manage to provide them with the magical landscape they need to appear in, thus earning more points? Once the exploration of the island is complete, the player with the most points wins the game.

The turn structure is quite simple. You will pick up animals matching the tile you would have choosen to play, move your explorer, observe the local fauna, discover wondrous lakes and even see a Fantastic Beast appearance!
Creating a large Domain Group might also be useful as well..


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