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Critical Role: The Mighty Nein prepainted Miniatures Set


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Critical Role has partnered with WizKids to create high quality figures that are compatible with the most popular tabletop RPGs. Heed the call to adventure alongside the heroes of Exandria: The Mighty Nein! As the newest entry into the Critical Role inspired line, Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Boxed Set offers high quality painted versions of the group of unsung heroes decked out with some of their most iconic gear.

Relive the Mighty Nein’s journey through Eiselcross! From their sea voyage across the Frozen Depths, to traversing Foren’s icy landscape, to battling various frosty foes, to delving into the ancient ruins of the magical city of Aeor and a showdown with an old friend.

Whether reliving some of The Mighty Nein’s most epic adventures or bringing some familiar NPCs to your Exandria campaign, this set has everything you need to bring the world of Critical Role to your table.

This set includes:

– Yasha Nydoorin
– Fjord Stone
– Jester Lavorre
– Veth Brenatto
– Beauregard Lionett
– Caleb Widogast
– Caduceus Clay
– Mollymauk Tealeaf
– Nott the Brave

Are you ready to meet the legendary Mighty Nein?

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