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Gawain Board Game Sleeves 57×89 mm (55)


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Our card protectors are extremely durable. With a thickness of 90 microns, Paladin Card Protectors will prevail in the harshest gaming conditions, while still keeping the combined height of sleeved decks reasonable.

State of the art manufacturing technology ensures the highest clarity standards. Paladin Card Protectors are acid- and PVC-free, which means they are not only tough, but they also allow you to safely enjoy the cards you protect.

Enough for a full deck. One package of Paladin Card Protectors contains 55 sleeves.


Kortbeskyttere til brettspill som passer kort opptil 57×89 mm.


  • Klar front og bakside
  • 55 stk
  • 90 micron tykkelse
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