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DC Direct – Super Powers Vehicles Supermobile


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Superman’s amazing abilities are powered by Earth’s yellow sun. However, when exposed to the rays of the red sun, he is significantly weakened and loses his powers over prolonged exposure. In one classic story, Superman is hit by a wave of radiation from a dying red sun, leaving him powerless. To still perform his duties as a Super Hero, he creates a flying vehicle from the hardest metal in the universe. This vehicle, known as the Supermobile, can withstand any hit, mimic the majority of Superman’s powers, and fly him anywhere!

Key Features:

– Continuing the legacy of the DC Super Powers line of the 80s, comes a brand new batch of your favorite heroes and villains in the classic nostalgia series we all love
– Compatible vehicles to go alongside the DC Super Powers Line, that fit both new and old figures
– The Supermobile comes with two jail cell compartments, two fists that can punch, and a cockpit that opens when you press the Superman logo
– Vehicle is showcased in DC Super Powers themed closed box packaging

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DC Comics, Super Powers, Superman


DC Direct, McFarlane Toys



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